Signs of Hope, Following Directions and Pumping Up His Ego

Look what I found just outside my door today? My sweet little tulips miss me and want to say hello...what a tease! We all know how fun February and March can be, these poor little babies have some tough times ahead. Last year I got photos of snow sitting on the tulip blooms. :)
Moses is good at following (some) directions. :) The banana sticker (of course banana) says place on forehead and smile. :) What a good boy! ANd because I thought it was hilarious to do so, I let him walk around for quite a while with this sticker on his head...he had no idea even though I kept telling him "Moses, there is a sticker on your forehead"...I know I'm a nerd but I am ok with that. : )

And below, is it just me or is this shirt hilarious? I got it for Moses today at my favorite place to shop. Like my husband, I think my son will be slightly full of himself, a quality of Doug's that only a handful know of....but love about him. :)
Coming soon? The BEST cookie recipe EVER!


cjc said...

does that t-shirt come in big kids style? jas needs one... :)

amybell said...

Ok...where in the world did you get that shirt? it rocks! my boys need them! :)

Crystal Johnsen said...

The shirt is from Target. :) I don't think it comes in "big" boy sizes because if it did, Doug would surely have one. :)

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