My acute-dishism.

A while back I shared that I was addicted to paper. Paper is what I would like to refer to as a gateway drug. I have many other addictions as well...all legal in every state. Today I will share with you what my good friend Q calls my "accute-dishism"...AKA my addiction to dishes...sets of them. I do not think it is a problem nor is it abnormal to own this many sets of dishes. Let's begin.
On the right are my winter dishes...only to be used during the calendar winter season, not just when it is cold out. I have 16 of them. To the left are my Thomas O'Brien dishes. These are used willy nilly like. I have 8 of them.
These black ones are my "everyday" dishes. I am sick of them. I have the whole set of these...big plates, little plates...two different kinds of bowls...I'm fancy like that.
These were my grandmothers. Whole set here too, including dainty little tea cups. I like to use these in the spring or summer.
These were Doug's grandmothers. I have bits and pieces of the set and I love every single piece. They are made by Johnson brothers.
These belonged to another grandmother and are another whole set. Spring and summer.
I LOVE the little flowers on sweet.
These are my plates for Christmas Day and New Years Day. I only have four of these. Eventually I want to have separate plate sets for Christmas and New Years.
These are what I refer to as "birthday china". They are one of the most expensive sets that Lennox makes/made. I hate these too and I am selling them (there is a story behind them). I have almost a whole set. The pattern is called "Liberty" and is part of the presidential collection. Email me if you want a price quote.
So there you have it-I hope that was interesting to someone out there. Believe it or not I am down a few sets AND I am not ashamed to admit that I am on the hunt for new "everyday" dishes. I say "everyday" because I don't really save any of my dishes "for good"...I like to use them whenever I can.


Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

we like these because they don't break or chip, and with kids and their friends that has been a good thing.

April said...

I appreciate your dish-ism....You are Hilarious...

ccp said...

i'm so glad you posted on this :) it makes me happy and smiley. it is indeed one of my favorite qualities about you! i'm happy to see some of the new ones too! the everyday ones are very cute! but i can understand about getting tired of them.

good luck :)

Queenie Bee said...

Okay, this just confirms are a girl after my own heart! I'm "acute-dishism" inflicted too!
I wish you lived just around the block...we could have DISH SWAPS and never get tired of them!!!!!!! (BTW, the house next door to me is on the market!) Most of my friends (and my husband) just don't understand my NEED for so many dishes...go figure. I have one set (my grandmother's) posted on my blog at the moment. You'll have to scroll down a ways to see it. In honor of your post, I think I'll take some more photos and share my sets as well! You'll have to stop by. And yes, I love, love, LOVE that Lenox Presidential!!!!!!!! Send me a quote...not that I'll be able to afford it, but it's worth a try!

Anonymous said...

Paper...dishes....LOVE your passion for life and beautiful things. It's wonderful finding things that make us smile, huh? You and your goodies make me smile.

Enjoy your collections!

xoxoxo hivers

Karen said...

I have a set of plates in the black "everyday" set. Yay for Target dishes! ;-)

Miss G said...

I love your Christmas/New Years dishes. Kelly

Tiffany said...

I LOVE that you have dishes for certain occasions/times of the year... it's just plain awesome!

Simona Walters said...

Wow, I am the same way. I have had to get rid of some of my sets as well, I go betweer dishes and cups. I feel like I always need new ones that are either bigger, better or prettier(as far as cups go)
Last year I even bought a new set around my daughters birthday for "her" tea party, but they were really so i'd end up with cute dishes afterwards. (the price for plates, bowls, and small cups were .78, .48 & .28 so I think all together for a setting of 8 I spent @ $20 ) it was totally better than spending close to $8 for cute throwaway ones right? I have a complete setting for 16 in my garage that I have never even been able to tak out of the box(i have no cabinet space and on top of that I only have a 4 seater for a table so what would be the point right? its really sad b/c I have had it for 2 1/2 years.
Soon I keep telling my self, soon.... well finally win the lotto and get lots of money to have a bigger kitchen. Unfortunatley we'd have to play the lotto first to win it right?
Love all the photos!
(BTW I also own the same set, his grandmothers,red, except I have it in brown... it is very pricy to replace anything be careful)

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