How to Needle Felt a Dinky Bird

This is for all those friends that I talked into trying needle felting. My best shot at a "how to".

First, take a portion of wool that will be the main color in your creation. Here, this dinky bird will be a Robin with a brown body and red breast. Roll the wool up, tucking in the ends as you go...tuck more to make it more of a ball and less to make it more like a oval shape.
Begin poking with your needle, focusing on the areas that least look like what you want it to look like, here I concentrate on the ends. Poke all over, and not too deeply because the deeper you poke the more of a dimple you will make in the wool.
See here.
To catch the stray hairs, lay the needle flat against the project, drag a little, then poke.
See here. :)
Keep going until your body is smooth. Or as least as smooth as you would like it.
Next, to make the breast of the bird, take the wool that you have chosen for the color and shape it into roughly the shape that you want it to end up like.
Tack onto the bird body(by poking it a few times) and sort of outline the shape that you want it to be. Begin to poke all over the breast of the bird and continue to outline the area of color, dragging in stray bits of wool to keep it within your outline. Continue until the breast area is as smooth as the rest of the body. You can also add wool on top of any area, at anytime you feel like it needs more.
Next, for eyes, take a small amount of white wool and divide it into two bits (so your eyes can be equal). Kind of roll them between your fingers a bit to make a loose ball. Tack it into place and use very specific pokes to outline the eye shape and drag in the stray hairs.
Do the same with the next eye.
Repeat the same idea on a smaller scale for the pupils.
And again for the beak, using your pokes to shape it into a beak.
Continue to tidy him up until you think he is perfect.
Hope this helps you. :)


q said...

these are GREAT directions, although my little bird (or chicken as my husband so lovingly called it our "pollo" is not nearly as cute!) he's a big lopsided and his feet are too big for his body. However, I WILL try again and am SO thankful for these amazing directions and photos to help!!!!!!!

Mandi said...

That is so adorable and what a great tutorial!

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