So, if you frequent my shop at all you will know already that I was out of town for the weekend. We finally got to go home to Radford!! We visited friends and went to our home church. This church is not just a church that we attended in Radford, it is a deep seeded part of who I am and how I have been shaped over the last eight years or so. I LOVE this church, the people, the worship, it is all wonderful. The teachings are relevant and real, dealing with human things and not far away ideas. It meets you where you are and I LOVE that. Since moving to Charlottesville we have had the hardest time getting around to visit churches and finding a place that is anywhere close to what New Horizons is. I have had a pastor from one of the churches here tell me straight out the we will never find New Horizons again. We finally got to visit a church, where we had been told repeatedly that kids/infants/toddlers were welcome part of service (meaning that Doug and I could keep Moses in service with us until we all got used to the people, place, etc) well the one time we got to go, I can't remember how many people reminded us where the nursery was. And they weren't all being polite. At New Horizons no one would blink an eye. And those of you who know Moses, know that he is not a loud child and this Sunday visit was not an exception. So anyway, just being there and seeing what we were not a current part of was really sad, but it reminded me of some core values that I learn and live by and needed to be reminded of.
One is TRANSPARENCY. If you are a friend, you know what is on my mind because I will come out and say it. If you ask me how I am doing, I will tell you and not just say fine. If I make a mistake I will apologize and admit it. I am as real as I can be. One of the things that drove me nuts about my stalker (Hi stalker!!)is that she would constantly flame me on her site, then go back and change it so that she could keep up her perfect Christian appearance. Never for a second being real. You won't catch me going back and changing something on here (except spelling or grammar-those things wrong drive me bonkers). I want to be a person who makes Christianity appealing. I don't want to be a person who walks around pointing my finger at others while I am tripping on the plank in my own eye. I might as well try to convert others to Christianity but throwing mud at them.
Another is LOVE. I am loved, even when I am not there. While living in Radford, I made friends for life. The kind of friends who I will be in touch with and close to 50-60-70 years from now. Friends who I can pick right up with where we left off. Friends who love me for who I am and nothing else.
Another is ROOTS. That church will always be a part of me. I was there from nearly the beginning of it and that church body and I grew together so much that it was hard to tell where one stops and the other starts. Loving God is that good.
So that is where I am right a state of content meloncholy.

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Eric and Michelle said...

Very moving Crystal to hear your heart. :)

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