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So yesterday while trying to get dinner started, I had an epiphany and brought Moses' high chair into the kitchen where he could both eat and watch me cook dinner. Usually I am trying to hold him while doing all of these preparations and that just doesn't work because one hand can't do much to food. He loved munching away from a safe distance and I got dinner done just as Doug got home! YAY! I also made these yummy oatmeal bars...I added a cup of chocolate chips to make them extra yummy...You should try them:Moses also started asking for bananas by name today (nana) and in minutes I taught him to throw his hands in the air (touchdown style) when I said "Go Giants"...Doug will love that. :)

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The Nester said...

Hi there you very creative person!

I found your blog via your etsy shop. I am new at selling and was snooping around trying to see what people charge for shipping, what kind of photos they name it!

Your blog looks great and all your goods are so beautiful!!

Nice to meet you!

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