Doug's day off...bedroom redo...Moses is the best!

Doug had the day off yesterday. I LOVE these days, they are the best and we do the best things together. Doug and I always have such a great time. We LOVE days off!! :)
First we went to the fabric store and I bought fabric that comes on a tube for the first time! I must say that I felt the need to be cute when I went to this shop because a very flamboyant man works there and I wanted to look like I knew what I was doing. Even Doug commented on me pulling out all the stops. (All the stops for me just meant that I wore my cute jean jacket and my cute Rocket Dog shoes) I don't have a crush on this man or anything, I just didn't want to look completely homely next to him. :) Here are my bedroom goodies so far. The jar showing is one of many that I am going to use to put shells in. I collect shells and sand from every beach I go these cute jars the collection will go and be labeled. :) I also LOVE the brown pillows with the bows on it (75% off at Target).
Next we went food shopping. I got some of my favorite Easter treats! Yellow peeps are the best...but I like them stale so I open them and eat them a week later. :) Then I made French-errr Freedom toast for dinner...YUM!
We ate it on our winter plates. :) Don't you miss these Q? This is what the house looked like at the end of the day. :) We always clean up right after we put Moses to bed. :)
Today has been a great day so far...lots of lovely emails and comments from lovely people in regards to the situation I am dealing with! I feel prayed for, so THANK YOU! Moses and I ran to Whole Foods for milk and while I was there I treated myself to a little retail therapy.
One of these:
And some of these:Moses has been so amazing today. I am so blessed. For real. Besides just being his normal sweet self he has gone above and beyond today. Yesterday Doug and I bought him a book about Easter. I was reading it to Moses today and when I got to the part where Jesus rose...he clapped!!!! Then later when I started to put the clean dishes away, Moses took nearly every piece of silverware and put it away in the drawer it belongs in! I'm leaving it that way so Doug can see it. :)
Also, for those who don't own a Wii yet...I highly recommend it. :) It is a great stand in for those of us who cannot go on many dates anymore plus it is good exercise. Doug and I boxed each other yesterday and today I could hardly shave my legs or take off the emergency break in my car. :)


Kloggers said...

I like your row of little Easter chicks! Iv'e not seen any similar ones in England.
Best Wishes

ccp said...

the silverware picture is BY FAR my absolute favorite. he heart is so genuine :) and yes, i DO miss winter plates. in fact...i miss having SO MANY different plates. i will never be as cool. my mom actually just got a FEW new sets this year....and now she doesn't like them and wants to get rid of them. what is it with that woman?! gotta love her :)

so maybe in your next post you should write about your "accute-dishism". that's my own term for your ahhem...."hobby". i'm sure people would appreciate pictures :)

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