Wonderful People Cont...My Three Best Friends...

I was unsure how to do these three and avoid hurt feelings at the same time so I decided to do them all in one post and then describe them in alphabetical order. :) I am a nerd, I know.

So, to the left is a photo of my dear friend Courtney (the shorter one), who left me for her husband Luigi in CA. (Who got them together.....me!) Courtney had been a best friend of mine since...hmmm seems like forever but at least since 2000 (Is that right Q?) One of my first memories of Q (I call her this because I sometimes call her Court...which I spell Quart just because I am special like that) is having to sit down with her and one other girl who I was going to Romania with and explain to them that I do not hate them...I sometimes appear that way to others because well...you just have to get to know me. Some things I love about her is that she can be as feisty and sassy as I am, even more so, she loves the Lord in a way that is beautiful to me, she can't keep a secret if her life depended on it (but in a way that is endearing), I can unload on her with out fear of judgment or repercussion and count on her to help me sort it all out. I LOVE the quality in a friend...not having to think before you talk to them and just getting it out there and sorting it together. Q has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and without her being there, I have a feeling that I would not be where I am...God has a way of putting people in your life at just the right time and at the exact place you need them. We lived together for a while, until she left me to go find herself. :) She did that and more. Even though she is in L.A. now and miles from me, there aren't many days that go by that I don't think of her and miss her, and there is never a day that I don't love her. We always manage to pick up where we left off. :)

Next is my friend Katie...all the way to the right in this photo. Katie is the best for SO many reasons. She and I lived together soon after Q moved out and we stayed living together almost right up until we were married to our dear husbands. We survived us both working on weddings at the same time and something about that brought us closer together. I love Katie for her realness, her transparency. Another friend that I can dump on and count on to help me sort it all out, without judging me for saying what is on my mind. She worships the Lord with all her heart. Oh, and the ability to pull off ANYTHING she finds on the rack is amazing...there is never a day that Katie is not stunning!! I love her and cherish her input in my life. We have a lot of family history in common and I can go to her when I need someone who will understand. Katie and I live far from each other now but once again, we are always able to pick up right where we left off.
And last but not least is my wonderful friend Michelle! She is the one all the way to the left in the above photo. Michelle was born to be a mother and you can see it in the way her family operates and how amazingly well she is raising her boys!! She is an amazing example of how to be a mom! She and her husband, Eric, are bound to be our best friends forever...because I don't think in a million years we will ever find another couple more like Doug and I. She is smart and funny and beautiful! He obedience to the Lord will strengthen anyones relationship with Christ. With Michelle, I can be completely relaxed and 100% myself. For example, Michelle was there for the birth of my son...and not waiting in the waiting room but front row seat to Crystal and ALL of her birthing glory...I have to block this out to look her in the face. :) Michelle is another friend that I don't need a filter around and we are always able to catch up with each others lives within a few moments of a phone call...even though we too live far from each other.

So there you have it...even more proof that people DO love me and that I am not pitiful or lacking in self-worth. More to come...(I have LOTS more).
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Eric and Michelle said...

Hey beautiful, wonderful Crystal... I just saw this tonight and of coarse it made my eyes well up and spill over. Missing you...

Lots of love,

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