I have a problem...

and that problem is that I can't seem to stop buying paper!! Or stamps or crafty things in general!! So many cute things out there...I have yet to meet a bird or polka dot that I don't love. Got some cute things when I was out with my honey today. :) You will see them soon. :)

As a side note...I am completely and nerdily stoked for American Idol tonight. I am also excited to watch our DVRd Prison Break.

I am also counting the minutes until LOST comes back. Did I mention before that when I was pregnant with Moses, he was due right around the season premiere was to air, I prayed that he wouldn't come until after the premiere? Wouldn't you know it that I had contractions all through the show (though I thought there were faux) and he was born 6:20am the next morning. God is funny. :)
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Anonymous said...

yes, i too have a craft problem...far too many materials and not enough time!!! and , not to mention, two toddlers who would love to interfere with my crafting! :)

btw: i have an idea for you flowers. i visualize a 5x5 canvas painted with a half vase attached to it with some of you button flowers in it. i am somewhat fixated on this idea and think it would look lovely in my sunroom, so i may have to discuss this further with you!! :)~karen

Q said...

i seem to remember a time when yarn buying was a problem as well :) i think it's natural (or am I justifying our habits?) I too struggle with this...and I have this weird thing about not using my "favorite" papers. Like I'm saving them for something special....only I'm not. Think of it as collecting paper! You are not alone!

Crystal Johnsen said...

yes, q I save paper "for good" too. Like some people keep plastic on their couches...I have no idea what "good" is. :)

Keep me posted Karen...that sounds intriguing and cute. :)

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