So, here is my latest crush...this Amy Butler book/kit I bought a couple of weeks ago. I promised myself that I would not buy ANY(more) fabric until I completed the project that they provide the materials for...a hip little tissue box you never thought you would hear those words together. :) I have somehow found myself buying fabric when I don't really I have a sewing machine?...yes but it has never seen more than a straight line. So as if I needed one more project to take up time with, I am throwing sewing onto the pile.
On the home front...I am once again optimistic that Moses is on the mend, even though he did throw up twice during his dinner last night...a couple of things are making me hopeful-he made it through the night without throwing up or exploding his diaper, he is asking for snacks again AND his poop has resumed "normal" color and smell (can you believe I am typing that??? I am such a mom...typing about poop). So keep praying that he is on the mend. :) We fly out to Florida next Wednesday morning and I really need a well baby. :)


Karen said...

Yay.. I made the "Places I Frequent" list! It's cool that you check out my little slice of the blogosphere, even if I only post once in a blue moon. Thanks for dropping by! :)

Anonymous said...

2 karens posting! wow! i've never met another karen before! i digress...i have the same problem: i buy all sorts of crafy things and let them sit (esp fabric)...i have decided to stop hoarding, and instead start making, and i guess if i mess up that is least i tried! funny you mentioned amy butler. i just bought a couple of her purse patterns. has some really cool patterns too.

hope your little man is better! ~karen

Sara Luke said...

I have the pattern for the tissue box cover too! I was going to make a couple and see how they turn out. Let me know how you do!

Also, I LOVE the candy hearts picture! Nice work!

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