Wish you were...

...here. See you in a few...we are off to sunny and warm places. :)

Here is a cute story to make you smile while I am away. We took Moses to his well baby Dr visit this morning. He has to be naked to be measured and weighed and he really doesn't like it. After that we go back to the room and they do more routine checks on him. Well like one or two steps into the checklist, Moses starts to give the nurse the sign for "all done"...as in "I am all done with you poking around on me". He then did the same thing to the Dr when she tried to examine him. At least we can be assured that he knows what "all done" really means. :)

We LOVE our doctor here, she is so great and seems to be in step with the kind of parents we are. She is encouraging in areas that we find many are not such as the fact that we never give Moses juice, fast food of any type, candy, junk, etc. He only eats whole foods and organic when possible. We are working on not having anything in the house that he can't have, which forces us to eat better too. We aren't the type of parents to force him to eat either, we really want to teach him to listen to his body and know when he is full (this is where is usually does the "all done" sign. A visit to the doctor always assures me that I am on the right track as a mom in so many areas. We are so blessed to have a doctor that fits our family like she does.

Alrighty folks, miss me while I am gone. :)

Cute things...

Just some cute things that Moses has been doing...first he has started to say Jesus (pronounced gzzzt)...he will already reach for my and Doug's hands to pray at meals. :) He has also recently added cheese (chiz), hot, moo, baa, arr(the sound a lion makes...duh!) and he will do a certain sound for all motorized vehicles, especially trucks and motorcycles. He will shake his booty aka dance on command. The boy lives for music and insists on hearing it at all meal times, my kind of kid. He will also mimic me if I make certain random noises. : ) and just when I put him down for his nap he learned how to stick out his tounge...so he did so...repeatedly.

I am busy packing for Florida. Moses has a ped appt in the AM tomorrow then we have a mad dash around town to get things done. :)


God is too good to me. :) FINALLY we all seem to be on the mend, even I feel 85% better than I did yesterday. Moses is back to normal and to top it off God has been showing me lessons from the last week. Most of it has to do with patience. I am not the most patient person but I am so growing and stretching in that area. The song above has been in my head and playing on my iPod a lot today. I LOVE the lyrics...sweet and with an awesome reminder..."I will know my Savior by the mark, where the nails have been, by the sign upon His Precious skin". When I really stop to think about it it really takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes...I will know Jesus when I see him by the mark...

The video below that is just a mellow song that I love. It is so peaceful,romantic and calming. And yes, my music taste does range from blue grass gospel to Damien Rice and beyond. :)

I even managed to come out ahead of the sicknesses in the house. I have most of Moses' items piled up and ready to pack and have started making list of things to pack and do the day before we leave. I have my custom orders ready and listed also. :)

It feels good to be back to normal. :)


So, here is my latest crush...this Amy Butler book/kit I bought a couple of weeks ago. I promised myself that I would not buy ANY(more) fabric until I completed the project that they provide the materials for...a hip little tissue box cover...bet you never thought you would hear those words together. :) I have somehow found myself buying fabric when I don't really sew...do I have a sewing machine?...yes but it has never seen more than a straight line. So as if I needed one more project to take up time with, I am throwing sewing onto the pile.
On the home front...I am once again optimistic that Moses is on the mend, even though he did throw up twice during his dinner last night...a couple of things are making me hopeful-he made it through the night without throwing up or exploding his diaper, he is asking for snacks again AND his poop has resumed "normal" color and smell (can you believe I am typing that??? I am such a mom...typing about poop). So keep praying that he is on the mend. :) We fly out to Florida next Wednesday morning and I really need a well baby. :)

Look what we got...

Yay!! We got some snow today! :) In a couple of these pics you can see my resident cardinal, who happens to be a bully. :)

Also, Moses has eaten two FULL meals today and has not thrown up yet!!!!!! This is the most he has eaten and days and the longest he has gone without puking. I am hopeful that despite the rough night and morning, we are on our way to recovery. :)

Thoughts and things...

So Moses is still making himself puke and still has diarehea. Today I plan on not offering him any foods with texture (which seems to make him gag) and to get through the day with NO VOMIT, which will hopefully help the pooing problem. Last night I went in to check on him before I went to bed at 10 and found him snoring away....in a pile of his own vomit (we had heard him cough and gag minutes before) and his diaper filled with poo. Please pray for this boy to get better!

I am also reading an amazing book called "This Beautiful Mess". It's all about how to experience the kingdom of God here and now. It also talks about how there are NO levels in Christianity, and how our pursuing of levels is actually toxic...you become more concerned about reaching the next level as if "you will get a gold star at the end". God has been doing amazing things in my life these last few months, growing and stretching me in ways that I never would have volunteered for. Some people talk about becoming a "student of life" and I just want to be a student of God. Part of what made me so defensive with my stalker is that she assumed to know just what kind of life I was living and what my relationship with Christ is like, stating how much better hers was, regularly doling out her prescription for my life...a real "holier than thou" type. I never want to appear that way. Each persons journey is their own and no path is created the same. If non-Christians are reading my blog, I want my words to be edifying to Christ and I want them to wonder where that joy and light come from, you know? I don't want to be another one of those Christians who try to squeeze you into a predefined path towards Christ or makes you feel less than worthy because I am so busy bragging on myself and how perfect I have it. My sister in law said it well when she said "my life is just as hard and blessed as the next guy's".

Coming later on today...my first "wonderful people: Etsy edition". :)

I have a problem...

and that problem is that I can't seem to stop buying paper!! Or stamps or crafty things in general!! So many cute things out there...I have yet to meet a bird or polka dot that I don't love. Got some cute things when I was out with my honey today. :) You will see them soon. :)

As a side note...I am completely and nerdily stoked for American Idol tonight. I am also excited to watch our DVRd Prison Break.

I am also counting the minutes until LOST comes back. Did I mention before that when I was pregnant with Moses, he was due right around the season premiere was to air, I prayed that he wouldn't come until after the premiere? Wouldn't you know it that I had contractions all through the show (though I thought there were faux) and he was born 6:20am the next morning. God is funny. :)

How to cut a toddlers hair...

First. Do not attempt alone. At least two adults are required. :) My husband held Moses the entire time, despite back breaking aches. Last time we sat Moses in the high chair but for some reason he was not having it this time.
Second. Insert lollipop. Moses NEVER gets candy so this is indeed a very special treat. The one photo with the close up is basically how he stayed the whole time, virtually still and cooperative. Occasionally Doug would switch arms and take the lollipop out so Moses could catch his breath. Note drool all down the front of Doug(from Moses not Doug). Also shown is a shot of the floor. Those wet circles are the pools of slobber that Moses would drop each time Doug would remove the lollipop from Moses mouth. All in all it was a good haircut. I can't believe how many of them he has had since birth. Everyone tried to convince me that all his hair would fall out but I knew better.

Here is a before and after from his first hair cut at 6 months.

Ooooo... I like this...

I found this quote today and love it.

"The Bible is not a book for the faint of heart--it is a book full of all the greed and glory and violence and tenderness and sex and betrayal that befits mankind. It is not the collection of pretty little anecdotes mouthed by pious little church mice--it does not so much nibble at our shoe leather as it cuts to the heart and splits the marrow from the bone. It does not give us answers fitted to our small-minded questions, but truth that goes beyond what we even know to ask." Rich Mullins


Dear Internet Stalker,

I thought your New Years resolution was to stay away from my site?


Love, Me

Coming soon, how to cut a toddlers hair. :)

I'm thinking...

a lot of random things...One is why in the world do people read my blog. I am dumbfounded that so many people come here just to see what is on my mind. Why does anyone care so much? Hmmm...

Another thing I am thinking about is how to travel on a plane with a 15 month old? We are going to spend a week in Florida soon and are flying down there, which I am convinced will be better than any sort of road trip we tried to take. We bought Moses some new books for the plane and I have my eyes open for good travel toys but other than that I have no idea what I am doing. We have a portable DVD player but Moses doesn't like TV (which I think is wonderful)...we are thinking of letting him have juice for the first time but not sure about that either. Ideas?

Another thing is taxes. We bought our first home this year and have been told what a nice tax return we should get but what does that mean? I am dying to find out but we have to wait on all of the paper work...ugh...

Yet another thing I am wondering about is why is Etsy so slow on the weekends?

Why do people insist on using the term "baby Christian"? I think it only serves to make people feel like lesser Christians.

Oh and I have new felt critters to list during my next batch! I have been listing new things in the shop in batches as a way to find a rhythm to my Etsy life. It has worked well so far.

So that's it...my brains dumped out on blogger. :) Thoughts, feelings, ideas? I would love to hear them.

Love songs and Milestones...

First, this is the song that I currently listening to on repeat. I LOVE it! I think it is my all time favorite love song. Listen to it all the way through and listen to the words. AMAZING. The female is Schuyler Fisk...Sissy Spacek's(who Doug has spotted at our local deli!) daughter...the guy is Josh Radin...I enjoy his music. :)

Secondly, today has been a beautiful day! Doug was off this morning and those days are always better. Moses is in heaven when we are both here. We ran to Old Navy, as I am search of new "favorite jeans" as my current ones are on the way out. :( I did find some great jeans and some great deals on shirts that are perfect for me. I mean perfect because finding shirts that I love is not an easy task. I love 3/4 sleeves, scoop or v-neck and they have to be long...at least 4-6 inches below the waist of my pants. Finding those is even harder because I am pretty tall (5' 10'') and fairly slim...so I can't get a larger size for length or it's too big. I also got some great cami's that were so perfect and cheap that I bought one in four different colors. We also got some great items for Doug and Moses too. :)

Then this evening as Moses and I are playing...

Moses is doing laps around the downstairs with a bag on his shoulder carrying stuff in it...occasionally coming to me to put the bag back on his shoulder or to look at what he put in the bag...which was pretty cute in itself. Then, as he is leaving on another lap I say to him "Hi baby." and he SAYS BACK TO ME "Hi mama!) My heart melted into a pool right then and there and all previous tantrums and crying or cranky spells were immediately forgiven. Who knew two words could have such an effect?

Moses hearts music...

Here is Diesel checking out the tunes on daddy's new iPod touch.

Fun and Wonderful Things...

The last couple days have been spent in celebration of many things. First and foremost my honey and I have been celebrating our anniversary! On top of that, the weather here has be AAAAmazing!! I'm talking 70's in January! It has been heavenly!! The last couple of days we went out to dinner one night, I made dinner for us another night(a favorite Doug meal), piddled around town and just enjoyed some family time. :) We also exchanged gifts (of course). I had searched high and low for the perfect gift for Doug when I finally found it...the iPod touch. We are a family that hearts Apple so this was icing on the cake. I wanted to give him something, besides my daily devotion, to show him that I appreciate and love him and that he is the best. :)
He was thrilled. :)

I also told him to not go crazy on me but he did get me some fun goodies...a camera bag, some funky socks, a fun embellishment center for my studio area and this sweet dessert stand that I am using in the studio as well. :) Fun fun fun times. :)

The Day I Married My Best Friend!

"I'm thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned, and I have to speculate that God himself did make us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay". A quote from our song "Such Great Heights".

Sorry for the photo overload but I couldn't pick just one to share. We had such a beautiful, TRUE southern wedding. :) To this day we still get compliments on how original it was and how great the worship service was during our ceremony. :)

As I have told you before, Doug is a man among boys. He is wonderful in every way and I know that many a gal look back at their chance with him with regret. :) I'm the lucky one...actually just blessed beyond what I ever could have imagined. Happy Anniversary to my best friend!!Our Norwegian wedding cake! :)

What a difference a year makes...

My Moses turned 15m old today. :( Who took my baby and left me with this toddler?
Here is him a year ago and recently. (He thought it was great fun to walk around with that bunt pan on his leg. :)

Why underselling is bad....

Undersell: To sell (something) at a price less than the actual value.

A few posts ago I mentioned having a copycat. And while the fact that she copies me and others bothers me greatly, what bothers me more is that she drastically undersells. How do I know she is underselling? Easy, her products are similar to mine and friends of mine who sell on Etsy. I know what they cost to make and I know that we all have the same fees and dues to pay and the ridiculously low prices that the CC sells them at hurt us all.

Consider this a little FYI for Etsy buyers only, who may not understand why they shouldn't jump on the cheapest deal.

Many of us on Etsy use our Etsy bucks (AKA money earned from sales on Etsy) for real needs in our lives. For example, I am a full time stay at home mom. Other than my son, wife, home duties...Etsy is my job. Since my husband does very well at paying all of our "real" bills I use my Etsy bucks for surprise bills, treats, supplies and extras. Amazingly (aka "Thanks God") there are always enough Etsy bucks for the need that arises. Still others depend on Etsy bucks for the "real" bills...gas, water, electric, etc. What does this have to do with underselling?

When people undersell at ridiculously low prices it makes it almost impossible for anyone to make a profit because the average buyer is not going to think "Hmm this seller is way underpricing...I bet this hurts other sellers who use Etsy as a source of income...I am going to go buy from a seller who has prices within the normal range"...nope, they don't think like that...they buy they cheap item and think what a great deal they got. I don't blame them....I have shopped at Wal-mart... (however much less since viewing a documentary on how Wal-mart has forced many companies out of business because of their push for the LOWEST price).

Underselling aka selling at 50% or less of what you should be selling it for does lots of damage...This could FORCE those selling for profit (imagine that!) to lower their prices (even if the price is really fair to begin with )to the point of hurting themselves...possibly forcing them out of business. But the normal sellers are forced to compete with the under seller who apparently doesn't care to make a profit, only to make a sale.

This is NOT about me or other sellers being greedy and wanting to jack up prices...I am not talking about overpricing, I am talking about pricing things at a reasonable price...a competitive price and giving a crap about what you are doing to the hundreds of Etsy sellers who are living their dream (like me) of making a wage from something they love.

(steps off of soapbox).


My baby is cuter than yours. :)

Wonderful People Cont...My Three Best Friends...

I was unsure how to do these three and avoid hurt feelings at the same time so I decided to do them all in one post and then describe them in alphabetical order. :) I am a nerd, I know.

So, to the left is a photo of my dear friend Courtney (the shorter one), who left me for her husband Luigi in CA. (Who got them together.....me!) Courtney had been a best friend of mine since...hmmm seems like forever but at least since 2000 (Is that right Q?) One of my first memories of Q (I call her this because I sometimes call her Court...which I spell Quart just because I am special like that) is having to sit down with her and one other girl who I was going to Romania with and explain to them that I do not hate them...I sometimes appear that way to others because well...you just have to get to know me. Some things I love about her is that she can be as feisty and sassy as I am, even more so, she loves the Lord in a way that is beautiful to me, she can't keep a secret if her life depended on it (but in a way that is endearing), I can unload on her with out fear of judgment or repercussion and count on her to help me sort it all out. I LOVE the quality in a friend...not having to think before you talk to them and just getting it out there and sorting it together. Q has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and without her being there, I have a feeling that I would not be where I am...God has a way of putting people in your life at just the right time and at the exact place you need them. We lived together for a while, until she left me to go find herself. :) She did that and more. Even though she is in L.A. now and miles from me, there aren't many days that go by that I don't think of her and miss her, and there is never a day that I don't love her. We always manage to pick up where we left off. :)

Next is my friend Katie...all the way to the right in this photo. Katie is the best for SO many reasons. She and I lived together soon after Q moved out and we stayed living together almost right up until we were married to our dear husbands. We survived us both working on weddings at the same time and something about that brought us closer together. I love Katie for her realness, her transparency. Another friend that I can dump on and count on to help me sort it all out, without judging me for saying what is on my mind. She worships the Lord with all her heart. Oh, and the ability to pull off ANYTHING she finds on the rack is amazing...there is never a day that Katie is not stunning!! I love her and cherish her input in my life. We have a lot of family history in common and I can go to her when I need someone who will understand. Katie and I live far from each other now but once again, we are always able to pick up right where we left off.
And last but not least is my wonderful friend Michelle! She is the one all the way to the left in the above photo. Michelle was born to be a mother and you can see it in the way her family operates and how amazingly well she is raising her boys!! She is an amazing example of how to be a mom! She and her husband, Eric, are bound to be our best friends forever...because I don't think in a million years we will ever find another couple more like Doug and I. She is smart and funny and beautiful! He obedience to the Lord will strengthen anyones relationship with Christ. With Michelle, I can be completely relaxed and 100% myself. For example, Michelle was there for the birth of my son...and not waiting in the waiting room but front row seat to Crystal and ALL of her birthing glory...I have to block this out to look her in the face. :) Michelle is another friend that I don't need a filter around and we are always able to catch up with each others lives within a few moments of a phone call...even though we too live far from each other.

So there you have it...even more proof that people DO love me and that I am not pitiful or lacking in self-worth. More to come...(I have LOTS more).

Look what I found!!

I didn't think I had any photos on the computer of that week that Doug proposed to me but look what I found in my photo bucket!! Aren't we cute? So obviously the first person I will share with you about is my wonderful husband Doug. The qualities I admire in him are many...first and foremost he loves God in a very deep and constant way which amazes me, he is a gentleman all the way through, holds doors, carries packages, does not curse (ever!!), he is smart and handsome, patient(much more so than me) and wonderful in so many ways! He gets my nerdy sense of humor and has one that is similar. I am daily amazed at HOW smart he is...the numbers that man stores in his head are amazing...endless amounts of knowledge and facts that blow my mind. On any given player of football/baseball/etc team he can give you their name/birthday/where they went to college/high school/mom/dad/siblings(and where they go to school)/major in college/family info/plus game stats/etc/etc/etc and I am not even exaggerating (please someone who knows him testify to this). Most importantly, I hope Moses grows up to be JUST like him. :)

08-04-2005 Sunset Beach North Carolina...

I have been thinking about this day a lot...mostly because my two year wedding anniversary is coming up and on August 4th of 2005 my wonderful, dream come true of a honey proposed to me on my favorite beach in all the world. We were there on vacation (even though we weren't married I promise that the accommodations were on the up and up-aka no funny business)to get away from everyone we knew and to just be together. We spent that whole week having fun and enjoying each others company. On the day of the 4th we walked up and down the beaches that last forever, I knew "it" was coming but I didn't know when...then before I knew it, out comes a ring and before he knew it, I said yes. :) More on this later....
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