Left for Dead

Left for Dead 

I was surprised to find this plant in my garden this spring. It was just something I bought last year on super clearance to fill a spot in the garden that needed a little something. It was a shade plant and I thought that the spot it was going in was going to work great. As it turned out it got way more sun that I was expecting and over the summer it shriveled up and disappeared into the ground. There was nothing left above the soil to give any indication that it was ever even there. That’s how dead it was. 

Imagine my surprise this spring when it made an appearance. Healthy and happy as ever. Like it was made to be there. It was the strangest thing. 

Then today I was taking a peek at it, surprised to not only see it thriving, bushy and healthy but also blooming! 

This spring I’ve made a concentrated effort to look for life metaphors in the garden. They are around every leaf and rock if you look for them. 

This left for dead plant seemed an easy one to pull out: sometimes God is working on something we’ve long thought dead. A dream, a hope, a plan... Where we can’t see or know, He is breathing new life that will show up when we least expect it. 

Every time I saw this plant that’s what I thought about. What in my life do I think of as dead and without hope that God could breathe life into again one day?

Then today as I caught a glimpse of those beautiful blooms, I pondered again about what could be so different from last year to this one that could cause a plant to thrive so much better this spring than last?

It caught my breath as I made the connection...it’s “friends” around him grew in ways that provided the protection he needed from the world so that he could be his best self. 

Shouldn’t that be the point of the people in our lives? And shouldn’t that be the point of being in someone else’s life? To provide them a little something that helps them be their best self. To provide protection when needed. Hope for a new day and encouragement to try again when we feel left for dead. 

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19


Super Simple Fruit Dip!

A couple of weeks ago we had a house full of guests and a pot luck! My contribution was the tray of fruit and veggies (in rainbow order of course) from the photo above, plus corresponding dips.

Did you know that there are one million recipes for “the best fruit dip” and they are all unnecessarily complicated? Well it’s true. I know because I tried to find a simple one and it was impossible. So instead I found a few ingredients common to a lot of the recipes and made one myself.

One bar of cream cheese, room temperature (full fat)
One single serving size container of plain Greek yogurt
Powdered sugar (to taste)

All I did was cream together the first two and then add powdered sugar a little at a time until it got to the sweetness I desired. It ended up super yummy and not overly sweet like some tend to be. And the best part is that next time I want to make some, I can easily remember those three ingredients.

Well, that’s the hope and “I’ll remember that” is the greatest lie I tell myself. But you get the idea.


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