(Thankfully, blooming is not cancelled!)

Good morning from Virginia!

I thought it might be prudent to document this odd slice of time we are living in.  I mean, what in the world?

Never in my life has something been so universally disruptive.  Even 9-11 had its borders, even if the whole world knew what was going on.

So here we find ourselves living in the upside down right?

It's hard to know what to think.  It's hard to think clearly even. It would be very easy to tip ourselves over into the madness and let it overwhelm us, right? Let's not do that though.

So what do we do? How do we get through this?

My suggestion: Decide right now the kind of person you would like to have been through all of this and behave like that person. Meaning, at the end of this road, how to do you want to recount that you behaved? Were you panicked and fearful? Were you greedy and hoarding? Did you make choices based on FEAR or were you not that person?

Did you extend mercy and grace? Did you share what abundance you did have or help your neighbors?

Did we believe that God is who is says He is and will do what He says He will do?

I know that I feel nervous at times.  Yesterday was very challenging when overall I have been very peaceful. That tells me that there was a root cause of my struggles yesterday and I purposed to find it.  It didn't take much examination to see that my schedule was horrendous yesterday.  I wasn't able to work well due to a lot of disruptions.  I spent a good deal of time helping my kids settle into their homeschooling routines, I learned new technology and helped some teachers. There was a lot of new and different and challenging and that was a welcome mat for fear and depleted patience and nerves.

Today, I'll try again because I know I am capable of peace because God has not changed, just my circumstances.

If you need news, go to the CDC. See how China is emerging from this.  Do not go to Facebook or listen to your cousin Marv's conspiracy theories.  Do not listen to anyone who is angry or yelling or frantic that is not the heart of God or evidence of His presence.

Most importantly recognize that most fear is rooted in love.  People are scared for the people they love and fear is an unhealthy product of love. Don't be fearful, choose action instead.

Choose love with every action, true God Love, and you will get through this as the honorable and loving child of God that you really are.  Fill your time with GOOD things and you will be OK.

Wallpaper Stairs Redo!

 Here's a fun quick project for you! Want to add some fun to your stair risers? Try wallpaper!! This was a project I have been wanting to do for some time and I am so glad I finally did it!  The pre-pasted wallpaper from Spoonflower was perfect for the job!
 I cut all of the strips to size and then scattered them while I put them up. I wanted to keep the distribution random and this helped a great deal with that. I will say that when you are putting it up, it may look like a wrinkled mess.  I spent a good amount of time making sure there were no huge bubbles and it was as smooth as I could make it.  Once it was dried, all of the leftover bumps, bubbles and creases smoothed right out! It looks great now.
This is the first thing you see when you come in my house and I can't think of a better way to greet guests at the door! I LOVE how they turned out and since the wallpaper I chose was not permanent, it's not a forever commitment!

Give it a try if you'v been meaning to!
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