From plant to pollinator (egg to butterfly)

We've been conducting a fun "experiment" in our house thanks to a friend...we've been the temporary stewards of three cute little caterpillars! It's been so fun to watch them go from tiny eggs to a new butterfly! Thought I'd share the whole process here in case you'd like to see it!

Here's about how they came to us. Just cute little fellas, ready to to their thing. Within a day or so we had this...
Here he is in his J formation...ready for action. 
And seemingly moments later, here he is. 
Here is the progression from where he started until about two weeks later...
And here he is on the day he hatched...about 24 hours after the last chrysalis above. 

And there he goes. Amazing to watch the process up so close and see a real miracle in action.  We can't wait to do it again next year!  I've ordered some milkweed to grow in our yard and hope to grow some fennel as well to attract a different type of butterfly.  

If you go to my feed on instagram at @littlebitfunky, you can see videos of the change from caterpillar to chrysalis too! 

James 3:13

James 3:13 - “True wisdom may be known by the meekness of the spirit and temper. Those who live in malice, envy, and contention, live in confusion; and are liable to be provoked and hurried to any evil work. Such wisdom comes not down from above, but springs up from earthly principles, acts on earthly motives, and is intent on serving earthly purposes.” -MH. We know these people when we see them right? Those who have traded Heavenly purposes for earthly ones. It seems the world has a large population that currently confuses God’s realm for man. That puts manmade structures and ways on the same levels of the Lord’s. That believes that “if you are a Christian” vote for x, you stand for a flag, you hold an anthem as dear as scripture, you do what is expected of you by man.  These are a fog the enemy has released on the world. A golden calf for our day. We want something to worship that we can SEE and thereby fall into a trap as old as time.  The thing is, living well, wisely and humbly is something we show the world with our day to day life. With our consistency. With our actions and words when we think no one is looking. If our beliefs and outspoken words are cookie cutter and predictable, it’s likely not the Holy Spirit guiding us. We are called to live in this world but not be OF it. The Holy Spirit should be our only guide and honestly I think it should call us to be wildly different than the world around us. We should not fit into a near category nor try to put others in one. We should see ALL as God’s children and not put them into categories like “legal”, “criminal”, “democrat”, etc. We are called to lives of love and not judgment. And one day, we will have to give an account of that calling. Wisdom in earthly ways will have no pull. #lbfdevo 

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