Halloween hohos are ready for YOU!

Have you gotten a Halloween hoho yet? Cutest fabrics ever this year! 
You can either snag one "up for grabs" on the Little Bit Funky Instagram page at 
@littlebitfunkysews or email me to order one just for you! crystal@littlebitfunky.com

Free scripture printables. {bible journaling prompts, etc}.

 It's been a while since I posted some of these!  I share a daily scripture over on my Instagram account and every once in a while I try to stick some on here.  They are great to print out and use as a devotional prompt or art in your Journaling Bible!  I hope you enjoy them!!

weekend project {doily throw blanket}

A few weeks ago I left a friends house with a pile of her grandma's doilies and the knowledge that my friend was not a tablecloth fan {which was my first idea for this pile of lovelies}.  It didn't take long for me to settle on a new idea but it did seem to take forever to find a suitable throw blanket to use.  
My current craziness did not allow for an all new quilt so I'd have to wait until the perfect throw made itself available.  Enter TJMaxx!  This throw is soft and complimentary to the doilies with a little pop of my friends favorite color. Perfect! 
I played around with the layout until I was happy...and then pinned the Dickens out of it.
Doilies take a lot of pins!!
 Then I mostly just followed the shapes of the doilies...around each one at least twice for security.
The result is a yummy texture and the knowledge that if she hates it, they can be picked off, no harm!
Just thought I'd share a different way to use up Grandma's pile o doilies, in case table cloths aren't your think either!
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Back-to-School with JCPenney {win a $100 JCP gift card}

So.  A couple of things to start this post.  First, this is a sponsored post, but the opinions and experience are all mine.  I only choose sponsored posts that I really feel will be worth sharing with you and that I can relate to.  With that said, JCPenney recently gave me a little spending money to use on back-to-school supplies in my local store.

With that in hand, my husband and I set off (sans kids) to see what we could do with it.  We treated it like it was money we had earned, and therefore tried to get the best value for it.  In addition to our allowance, we also brought along the recent JCPenney coupons that I received in the mail and some I printed online, and we were prepared to shop the good deals.  Boys grow fast so having cash to spend on clothes is a big deal here.

Additionally, I will admit that prior to this experience, we weren't huge JCPenney shoppers.  We would go in there looking for specific items we needed but never really just went in to browse when we were back-to-school shopping or anything like that.  With that said, I think that will change going forward. We had a great experience and came out feeling like we had gotten a great deal for our money and left the store with a $20 coupon {JCPenney Cash}.

We have two boys with vastly different tastes.  One likes to be simple and sporty and the other likes cat shirts.  They both wear jeans in the cooler months, almost exclusively.  Virginia weather is such that we get a lot more value out of hoodies than coats and they both go through socks like water.  These were all the bases we were trying to cover as we went back-to-school shopping for our two. We want them to express themselves in clothes that will last them the school year.  We were able to do that well in JCPenney without breaking the bank.  We came away with brands that we trust for quality (like Nike and Arizona) and items that they love (like a Nike hoodie for Moses and a couple of silly cat shirts for Aaron).  Both boys were really excited about what we brought home for them and we were excited that we could get them things they loved and reasonable prices!  We were able to encourage them in doing their own thing with their individual styles without having to run all over the place to assemble their outfits!
Overall, our shopping experience was a great one! We were able to choose from many great sales on jeans and t-shirts and socks.  I can't think of anything we needed that wasn't on sale or available.    

And JCPenney is starting something that I find pretty amazing... National #ShoutOut Day was 8/12! They believe that good begets good and the more compliments we give (aka Shout Outs) the more will flow forward... creating a wave of good along the way!

On National #ShoutOutDay, they’ll took to social media to fuel shout-outs as they pertain to style. They encouraged anyone and everyone to join in on the conversation and hand out shout-outs to their friends, family and followers. Simply use #ShoutOutDay to jump in on the conversation. The hope is that their efforts will create a snowball effect in culture, with complimentary behavior stretching beyond the world of style in months to come.

I hope you'll join in in starting some encouragement in your corner of the world!

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I hope you'll join in by starting some encouragement in your corner of the world!
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Want to try out JCPenney on your own?  You can enter for a chance to win a $100 JCPenney gift card by answering the following question in the comments: “What top trends are on your Back-to-School shopping list this fall?”
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Could you forgive this?

So.  I'm sharing this because maybe it will make you think, like it got me thinking.  Because of this thing, we are making changes in our daily habits that will avoid who knows what tragedy in our lives.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article by dear Glennon over on Momastery. It was an entry about a conversation she had with her husband about cell phone usage in the car.   There were several points she made that stuck with me (I can't seem to find the article at the moment) and made me take the time to consider how we use cell phones in the car and how we don't.

First, I want to be clear, I (nor Doug) are driving down the road texters or look at the phoners.  We only looked at red lights or other times where the car was stopped.  It makes me crazy to see someone going down the highway at 70mph sending text messages or otherwise occupied on their phones.   Those people are idiots of the highest degree.  That's not a task you can be "good" at I don't care what you think. 

BUT.  Recently we discovered that Moses and Aaron will be driving one day.  (shocking right?!) and this article really made us consider the kind of behavior we want to model for the boys one day and expect them to follow because it is what WE do as a family.

Towards the beginning of the article by Glennon she and her husband asked each other "If something tragic happened in the car because you were "checking your phone really quick", could we forgive each other?".

As in.  I had to think...if Doug was driving with the boys in the car and glanced at his phone and as a result of that glance, someone (Moses or Aaron or Doug especially) was seriously injured or killed, could I forgive him? And vice versa.

Well.  We felt like we could but who would want to add that stress to a marriage? Who, if they could prevent it, would want to risk that?  Why would we ever want to test that assumption out? Who wants to volunteer to walk down that road to forgiveness? Sure we could get there, but at what cost?

So while we feel like we are pretty safe "phone drivers" we are revamping our policies to "What will we expect of Moses and Aaron when they get behind the wheel of the car?".   We want to be safe and then some.  Not so close to the edge where liberties could be taken.

And that expectation is absolutely NO phone whatsoever as long as the car is on.  It's a work in progress honestly, because Doug and I do talk on the phone while we are driving but we don't start a call while driving.  We are looking into hands free sets to make that even better and safer. 

But we have eliminated all "stopped at red lights" checks.  The phone is expected to be put away in a place where it will not tempt us to "take a peek" or steal a quick glance.

And it is policed.  We have already talked to the boys about the how and why of what we are doing so if either of us is tempted to bend the rules, they are sure to let us know.  We also talk to them about why it is dangerous and they love to spot a violator going down the road. 

Make no mistake.  If you text while driving, you are an idiot.  No bones about it. 

Being vigilant in this area is especially important.  While checking your phone at a stop light or the like may seem like not such a bad thing, it does distract us and keep us from looking around and noticing what is going on.  Not being distracted may save an accident as much as not texting while going down the road.  Checking at a light implies that what is going on on the phone, is much more important than what is going on around us.   And that is just not a truth.

So, just putting this out there in case you needed a kick in the pants like me.  Even if you think you are safe, you can always be safer, there are better ways to do just about anything, sometimes we just need a nudge to look it over.

Consider yourself nudged.   


hohos lately!

 It's been a while since I've posted some of the hohos that have passed through my machine lately...so here you go! :) It's been a fun summer and I'm trying to get into the Fall mode with school starting up and a new routine around the corner!  In the meantime, have a peek at what I've been up to! As always you can order whatever fancies you by emailing me at crystal@littlebitfunky.com!

 These were a result of a fun custom order request.  I love requests!

 Vintage hohos are always a favorite. :) I just love the texture!
 This is my second pair of wedding themed/colored hohos. 
 It's always fun to make something special for someone!

 There's been a run of characters...including Wonder Woman, Minions, Superheros, etc!

I'd love to make a hoho just for you! Email me to get on the list!  xo
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